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Our Story

In 2012, Photo USA had amassed twenty years of experience of being a trusted drinkware supply chain solution, print production equipment consultant, and custom packaging adviser to some of the largest print-on-demand fulfillment services partners in the United States. As the demands of the industry grew, many of them started to approach us with similar requests to assist with order overflow during peak print-on-demand seasons and eventually test new product lines. Subsequently, we built an in-house API solution and were able to remedy of the needs of our largest customers. As our print-on-demand partnerships grew organically and grew to be successful, many of our print-on-demand partners shifted their focus to online marketing and sales and passed on the print-on-demand workflow to us. Due to this, a new division of Photo USA was formed and we named it Printverse.

In the last five years, Printverse has been able to print-on-demand for some of the largest online stores and from this experience we were able integrate the best print-on-demand processes we learned from the largest print-on-demand production centers. By doing so, we have been able to refine our print-on-demand fulfillment services with improved product lines, enhanced equipment, and tailored product packaging. We have elevated our services by offering private branding, expanded marketing via custom packaging, and building a network of print-on-demand partners with targeted strategic locations for shipping proximity around the United States to help meet the deadlines of even the most demanding SLAs.

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