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Submit PNG or JPG files

  • Submit your image files in PNG or JPG format.
  • Match the imprint dimensions

  • Your submitted image must match the Imprint Dimensions exactly (Width x Height in pixels) for each specified product.
  • Center images in the logo area

  • The pink boxes on the templates show where to position your art/logo to ensure they will be centered.
  • Keep important assets inside the safe area

  • Safe areas are generally within 1/8 of an inch from each edge. Important graphics and text should be inside the safe area (marked with the red line in the template) or they could get cut off. Background color or art can extend to the edges.
  • Image Name SKU # Imprint Dimensions:
    Width x Height (px)
    With-Bleed Dimensions:
    Width x Height (px)
    Price Weight (lb) Shipping US Shipping International Additional Shipping Cost (per item) Template
    Custom Photo Ornaments 4 variants below

    Custom Photo Ornaments

    81003 W x H (px) N/A $4.00 0.0 lb

    Custom Photo Ornaments

    82001 W x H (px) N/A $4.00 0.0 lb

    Custom Photo Ornaments

    84001 W x H (px) N/A $4.00 0.0 lb

    Custom Photo Ornaments

    83001 W x H (px) N/A $4.00 0.0 lb